Volunteer Opportunities

Our parent volunteers at Barrington are extremely important.  The success of the PTO events throughout the year relies heavily on parent volunteers.  We hope you will check this page often and consider volunteering to help the PTO make this year a great one for all of our Barrington children.
If you are interested in volunteering for PTO committees, please fill out the online “I’ll Do it” form HERE or email the Barrington PTO co-presidents at BarringtonPTOPresidents@gmail.com
Other opportunities for volunteers can be found using the SignUp Genius links below.  These links will be updated throughout the year as more opportunities become available.
Note:  Click HERE to review the district policy on volunteers and background checks.

Classroom Parties

Click HERE for classroom party opportunities

Field Day

Click Here for Field Day (May 24th, May 25th) Volunteer Opportunities.

Barrington Craft Courtyard

Craft Courtyard is a recess option the PTO offers students during the lunch hour, and we do the activities outside on the playground.   All of the supplies and ideas for the craft are pre-planned.   Click HERE to sign up.

Walking Wednesday

Please sign up for a location for the spring dates.  We will have extra hole punchers and safety vests should you need them, please let me know if that is the case.  Each week, you simply go to the location you signed up for at 7:45 a.m. and ask if the Barrington students need their passports punched for the corresponding date.   Click HERE to sign up.