Programs and Fundraising


Program Description Fundraising Description
New Family Network/ Social Held at the beginning of the year with ice cream to welcome new families to Barrington. Clown Around Barrington’s largest and main fundraiser offering a day of carnival games, food, prizes, auction items, and raffle.
First Grade Orientation Helping first graders adjust during the first few weeks of school lunch and recess. Election Day Bake Sale Offering a variety of donated goodies to be sold at Barrington during local and national elections.
Gardens and Grounds Organized and funding supplies for grounds clean-up and upkeeping of flowerbeds, pots and grounds at Barrington. School Supply Sale Online sale of school supplies with delivery to classroom.
After School Enrichment Programs (sports, culinary, music, art, science, etc.) that provide fun and enriching activities for students. Mini- Fundraisers Partnerships with local restaurants, grocery stores, online retailer, and entertainment venues to share in the profits of a pre-scheduled event or with ongoing purchases.
Craft Courtyard Arts and crafts open to all kids during lunch recess; offered twice/wk for 14 wks during school year; we have plans to expand this program due to construction. Box Tops Box Tops are collected from various consumer goods products and turned in to the manufacturer for donations.
Spelling Bee Two spelling bees (1st – 3rd grades, 4th – 5th grades) through Scripps. Spirit Wear Offering the hottest spirit wear to show off Barrington and UA school spirit (ongoing).
Classical Kids A nationally recognized Greek mythology program for 4th and 5th graders.
I Heart Math/ Science Night Family night, alternating math/science each year, focused on building fundamentals with real life application.
Barrington Book School-wide book club culminating with a movie and community-building event around the book.
RAP (Recess Alternative Program) Activities (gym, walking club, reading/writing, etc.) offered during winter lunch recess; we have plans to expand this program due to construction.
Fifth Grade Promotion All graduation/promotion festivities including student luncheon, memory books, and decorations.
Fifth Grade Service Learning Day Fifth graders spend the day in scenarios as an adult with a low income as well as learning about supporting governmental agencies and non-profit organizations.
Helping Hands Supports Barrington families in times of need by coordinating meals, gifts, volunteers, etc. (as needed).
Playground Shed Provides and maintains all playground equipment and storage of equipment (as needed).
Staff Appreciation Lunch Organizes and funds lunch for all Barrington staff to honor our hardworking teachers.
Staff Appreciation Week Funds all appreciation activities the week of Teacher Appreciation, including breakfasts, gifts, snack carts, etc.
Yearbook Organizes and gathers pictures and coordinates layout for the yearbook (ongoing).
Walk + Bike Kids are encouraged to walk and/or bike to and from school and are awarded prizes (ongoing).
Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Both district and school-level efforts are taking place to foster a culture in which differences are understood and students and community members feel welcomed.