Christmas Excitement

Christmas Excitement
by Will, grade 5

My brothers and I
camp in our rooms,
while dreaming of Christmas
and mom starting to broom.

“I wonder what I’ll get?
Is it a puppy or a toy?”
I know I’ll get underwear,
oh boy.

Will our stockings be filled
all the way to the top?
With chocolate, stuffed animals,
and all sorts of stuff?

We get out my trumpet,
megaphone, and more!
We walk in our parents room
to wake them up loud!

My dad asks for coffee,
as his crusty eyes blink.
My older brother tells me
“Go get him some dink!”

My mother says, “No,
he’s got it kids.”
And then we peek down the stairs.
All the presents are hid.

“Uh oh!” says dad “Santa didn’t come!”

We all know this line is coming,
we know dad’s a fake.
We run down the stairs,
like we got birthday cake.

“Oh my gosh!” we yell all together,
like we’ve practiced before.
Lots of presents
are scattered all over the floor!