“I Heart Science” Family Fun Night

Thursday, February 12th, 6-8pm
Barrington Gym

Join us as experiment leaders or participants for a fun, hands-on exploration of the many things we love about science!  Experiment leaders will plan a science experiment or project at home and then run a “booth” where they share that experiment/project with the Barrington community.  Areas of exploration include:

·      The Human Body (health, sickness, growth, human skeleton, muscles, organs, skin, blood)

·      The World Around Us (flora and fauna, weather, geology, insects, natural disasters)

·      Kitchen Science (the chemistry of cooking/baking, mold, yeast, boiling, freezing)

·      Exploration (NASA/space, maps, GPS, geocaching)

Please consider volunteering as an Experiment Leader!  Registration closes January 30th.

Contact Rebecca Mudrick (rebeccamudrick@gmail.com) with questions.


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